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A Healthier Buzz

Sometimes there is nothing better than having a refreshing beverage with friends on a nice summer's day. For many who strive to live a healthy lifestyle social drinking can present a challenge. Low sugar, low alcohol content drinks strike the right balance between taste and health. Keep in mind that low sugar drinks are considered to be less than 4g of added sugar and low alcohol content is considered less than 10% ABV (alcohol by volume). Hard liquor like vodka, gin, tequila, and whiskey (at 1.5 ounces per serving) have no sugar. Soda water is a greater addition to mixed drinks as it is essentially carbonated water with no calories or sugar. Without mixing additional calories or sugar to your beverage it keeps the count to 100-115 calories per serving.


When convenience is king and you need to take a drink with you, see Eat This, Not That's list of healthier cocktails you can buy online. Be sure to look for options around 100 calories and less than 10% ABV. Also, you also can't go wrong with Presecco (80 calories, 1gm sugar) or Extra Brut Champagne (91 calories, 2gm sugar).