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All Things Podcasts

Why and Where to Start!

Podcasts can be entertaining, informative, and inspiring. There are certain episodes that have changed my entire perspective or given me a more comprehensive view on life. I generally listen in the car, in the evening instead of watching TV or scrolling through social media. I find that I feel more relaxed while listening and also gain insight that adds value to my life, when compared to other activities that I may choose during my down time. I use podcasts as way to relax, but I know many others choose to listen to podcasts while working out, going for walks, cleaning house, etc.

How to Choose a Streaming Platform

I use Spotify for streaming music, which made it my first option for listening to podcasts . If you use Apple Music then you'll find it more convenient to listen to podcasts there. Spotify and Apple Podcasts are the top two podcast apps, followed by Google Podcasts, Pandora, and streaming directly from the podcast host's website.

Figuring out What to Listen To

There is a podcast for any subject or person that interests you. In working with wellness clients for over 15 years, I'm very interested in human behavior. Not only do have certain podcasts helped me better understand others, they've also helped me to better understand myself. One of my favorites is Therapist Uncensored. Learning different personality types that are covered in this podcast have given me a more empathetic lens. Spirituality and purpose are very important to me and I find that Oprah's Super Soul podcast touches on subjects that remind me to see past the daily grind and look deeper at what really matters. I'm a big fan of the Red Table Talk with Jada Pinkett and they have a podcast version of the show that I enjoy. NPR has a wealth of podcasts, but as a music lover Tiny Desk is one of my favorites. The wonderful thing about the Spotify app is when you start listening to podcasts, it will provide other suggestions that might interest you. Happy listening!

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